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Contemporary Mountain Townhome, Aspen, CO

This contemporary townhouse in Aspen, Co became one of the most challenging projects we have ever taken on. The project entailed transforming a typical mountain townhome into a contemporary, SOHO loft feeling which showcases the client’s vast art collection. Working with the shell of a pre-constructed townhouse along with our client’s demands for a wide open space for entertaining, made it challenging to create an inviting interior.

Upon entry, poured concrete floors with special dyes and finishes anchor the steel staircase. The glass wall of balustrades is anchored with steel rails while lit beyond the Luminaire panels used for risers. The mixture of materials was pushed to the limits with concrete, glass, rubber, plastics and woods throughout each area. The great room had exposed duct work and the flooring created from re-sawn old pine from a vintage industrial warehouse while the kitchen floors were made of recycled rubber. Ceiling details in the master bath as well as the kitchen include corrugated aluminum panels. Exposed mechanical systems in some areas like the elevator shaft framed partially in glass provided additional display area for her artwork. In the master, we designed a semi-circular moveable wall panel system made out of iron and luminescent resin panels which provided privacy from her adjacent sitting room and closet.

Townhouse, Aspen, CO